Hello world!

Welcome to my Flutter blog.

In this blog I will discuss the Flutter AMAZING environment made by Google.

Flutter is amazing, during the last 18 months I have developed many applications in flutter and it is very easy and powerful.

It has a rich set of packages, that enriches the power of flutter and let you design a great UI,

There is an excellent article on the practical use of these features from an Android developer who recreated his application from Java to Dart and shared his impressions.

I wanted to share with you some numbers from his article.

  • Java (before): Number of files = 179 and Lines of code 12,176
  • Dart (after): Number of files = 31 and Lines of code 1,735.

You can read more about the technical details of the platform or look at examples of applications.

If you have any request, question or idea, please post it